Roger Demers Award: 

In recognition of contributions to the international rheumatology community

Jeffrey Shiroky Award:  

In recognition of contributions in the field of in inflammatory arthritis research

Marie-Thérèse Fortin Award: 

In recognition of professional and human qualities in the care of patients with rheumatic diseases

Carol Yeadon Award:

The Carol Yeadon Prize is attributed to students, post-docs, or fellows who are deemed to have created the best presentations in the following 3 categories: best poster, best research presentation, and best oral presentation of a clinical case.

Recipients of the André-Lucier Grant:

  • to be announced

History of Awards:

Year Roger Demers Jeffrey Shiroki Marie-Thérèse Fortin Carol Yeadon
1994 N/A N/A Dr Edith Jones N/A
1995 N/A N/A Dr Guy Germain N/A
1996 N/A N/A Dr Maurice Campbell N/A
1997 N/A N/A Dr Cooper H Stacey N/A
1998 Dr Duncan Gordon Dr Dafna Gladman Dr André Lussier N/A
1999 Dr Fred Wolfe Dr Marianna Newkirk Dr Hans Uhthoff N/A
2000 Dr Jean-Michel Dayer Dr Hani El-Gabalawy Dr Lucien Latulippe N/A
2001 Dr Donato Alarcon-Segovia Dr Walter Maksymowych Dr Jacques Gascon N/A
2002 Dr Adel Fam Dr Proton Rahman N/A N/A
2003 Dr Cornelia Weyand Dr Gilles Boire Dr Marc Favreau N/A
2004 Prof Loic Guillevin Dr Ronald Laxer Dr Claude Blondin N/A
2005 Dr Joel Kremer Dr Carl Laskin Dr François Couture N/A
2006 Dr Andrei Calin Dr John Hanly Dr Carol Yeadon N/A
2007 Dr Anthony S Russell Dr Jean-Luc Senécal Dr Monique Camerlain N/A
2008 Dr Paul Plotz Dr Janet Pope Dr Morton Kapusta N/A
2009 Dr Josef Smolen Dr Diane Lacaille Dr Louise Rouleau N/A
2010 Dr John Esdaile Dr Ciaran Duffy Dr Michel Gagné N/A
2011 Dr Marc Hochberg Dr Simon Carette Dr Jiri Krasny N/A
2012 Dr David Isenberg Dr Ann E Clarke Dr André Robitaille N/A
2013 Dr Johanne Martel-Pelletier &
Dr. Jean-Pierre Pelletier
Dr Gillian Hawker Dr C Douglas Smith N/A
2014 Dr John Stone Dr Mark Hazeltine Dr Jacob Karsh N/A
2015 Prof Maxime Dougados Dr Paul Fortin Dr Jean-Pierre Mathieu N/A
2016 Dr Henri Ménard Dr Marie Hudson Dr Mohamed Kanji Marleine Azar
2017 Prof Iain McInnes Dr Cheryl Barnabe Dr Gilles Boire Stephanie Gumuchian
2018 Dr Marvin J Fritzler Dr Sasha Bernatsky Dr Angèle Turcotte
  • Best poster:
    • Andrea Carboni Jiménez
    • Julien Vitry
  • Best research presentation: Arielle Mendel
  • Best oral presentation of a clinical case: Samer Hussein

50th Anniversary Awards:
Dre Alessandra Bruns
Dr Simon Carette
Dr Alison Clifford
Professor David Isenberg
Dr William Rigby
Dre Évelyne Vinet

Dr Jan Schulz
  • Best posters: Guillaume Paré
  • Best research presentation: Minh-Duc Ngo
  • Best oral presentation of a clinical case: Boyang Zheng
2021 Dr Robert D Inman Dr Laëticia Michou Dr Jean-Richard Goulet
2022 Dr Michelle Petri Dr Inés Colmegna Dr Charlotte Grondin
2023 Dr Maria C Cid Dr Susan Bartlett Dr Claude Marcoux